Making a better future for those who need it most

Is time to make a change and to help reduce the impact of poverty in the communities most in need.

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Community Initiatives

Meet Our Programs


Our Foundation’s flagship social program Solidarity pots, through multiple dining halls distributed in the most impoverished areas of the country.

A space for reflection to help youth, providing elements of analysis and experiences for the exercise of political activity by citizens.


The importance of health converges in the idea of disease prevention. That is why through primary health care, we attend and help people.


They have HOPE that people like you can HELP

Donate your time and talent to help and make a difference for thousands of children and elders in urgent need of food, education and health programs in Venezuela.

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Giving Live and Smiles

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Volunteer Testimonials

"The community understood that they are not alone.We are committed to be their voice and to continue working day by day to fight against poverty"

Víctor Silva

volunteer coordinator of the event in Cujicito Neiborhood

"I would like to thank everyone, Volunteers, Memmbers and donators. Once again we have shown that we are stronger when we are organized. With enthusiasm I assure you that more days like these will come. Our message will reach every corner of Venezuela"

Johan Flores

Member of Humanismo y Progreso

"We want to thank the support of various Zulian businessmen and entrepreneurs who continue to support these actions that translate into the welfare of the most needy, thanks to their support every year we bring smiles to children, medicine to the sick and food to those who need it."

Oscar Ali Moncayo

Directive Member of Humanismo y Progreso

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TAKE ACTION against Poverty and Hunger in Venezuela.